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See what some of my clients have to say...


Heather has dramatically changed my life! I have wanted to lose weight for years and have struggled with different diets on and off. Heather is knowledgeable about so many different diets and eating plans. I loved that I could ask her anything and she would know the answer! Her coaching helped me realize that my weight problem stems from other areas in my life including my own thinking and the relationships around me. She has helped me realize that if I change my thinking and improve my relationships it will make my weight loss much easier and permanent. This isn't a lose weight quick and gain it all back program. I love her non-judgmental was of coaching. I never felt shame and when I was hard on myself she would help me see it in a productive way. I love that she is organized and sends the highlights of the conversation back in an email. I also love her sharing of recipes and workouts!!! Heather is a wealth of knowledge as well as an amazing coach. 

Silene  Brown




​More than anything, I just wanted to lose weight and combat my depression! I did that and even more with Heather as my Health Coach. For the first time I am able to focus on myself in a way I hadn't before. This has made all the difference.

​Julie Moore


​Testimonial coming soon