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6 Reasons To Give Up Social Media For 30 Days

  • Your Focus & Creativity will Sky Rocket: The impulse to check your phone will disappear. You’ll get more done.
  • Time With Your Children Will Be More Intentional: Your life will feel far less rushed and distracted. Ideas will surface in quiet moments. You’ll go to be with a clear and quiet mind.  
  • You'll Resurrect Some Neglected Hobbies: Did you ever sew or play the piano? Have you ever wanted to learn a new instrument or take up voice lessons? Now is your time.  
  • You'll Spend Far Less Money: Mostly from not being exposed to instagram and blogs. No more popup ads demanding your dollar. 
  • Your Confidence Will Increase: Without the daily exposure of society, you’ll be more content and satisfied with your own life. Give yourself the gift of space and reconnect with who you really are! Stop judging yourself against the greatness of someone else. 
  • Overcome Your Depression, Anxiety, & Stress: If you’re sick, stressed, anxious or depressed, these are not the times to get on social media. You could dip even further into comparison.  

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