Hi, I’m Health Coach Heather.

After spending nearly 10 years of my adult life figuring out foods my kids WOULD eat, I was consistently disappointed–things got personal.  

There had to be a way to improve my families health without making drastic, expensive changes to our diet and activity.  

I landed on a traditional diet much like our ancestors ate. I found that my children were broadening their palates, gaining energy, and focusing better in school. I enjoyed a trimmer waistline, better sleep and brighter skin. Our athletic performance as a family went up too. I now coach moms and families who are looking for practical ways to create a healthier home and stronger relationships there-in.

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Fermented Foods & Bone Broth

After studying over 100 different dietary theories, and practicing a bunch of different diets on myself and my family, the one that felt most like 'coming home' was the Traditional Diet as founded by Dr. Weston A Price.

As I practiced the art of making foods our ancestors ate regularly, I noticed a difference in my kids' behavior and immunity. They were getting sick less often. Digestion is regular now. Weight management isn't a problem. And the best thing of all...these foods are out of this world delicious!

Fermented veggies & bone broth are both gut healing and nourishing to the body. These are foods I eat each and every day and I advise my clients to do the same. I even teach them how to make these foods. It's simple and requires very few ingredients.

It's easy to eat this way and make it a lifestyle because these are the foods that make us feel good. Will it be the same for you? I don't know. I believe in bio-individuality - what's good for one person may be wrong for another. One of the things I do as a coach, is to find out what works out best for you.

Are you ready?

It's not always running smoothly around here...

As much as I'd love to tell you that I've got it all figured out, I don't! My kids don't always eat the foods I'm cooking up. I often hear "do I have to eat that?"

My youngest child is definitely what the world defines as a picky eater. My heart lights up when I see her eat and enjoy meals I cook. It doesn't happen nearly as often as I'd like. But one things for sure...I'm not giving up! Nope. I ain't no quitter. I'm always putting healthy foods in front of her, served in different ways. If she eats it, I take note. I add it to my "Will Eat" list.

Your home might look like this too. One day the kids are loving your food. The next, they won't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Don't worry, you're not doing anything wrong here. Your only job is to offer healthy foods and teach them the benefits of eating them.

The rest is up to them.

I discovered that I could build my dream business around the skills I've acquired as a coach and mother

I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2018. It was one of the best decisions of my life. It opened my eyes up to the world of real food and real people. My people. It taught me how to make health coaching a career.

I went on to study at The Master Health Coach Academy and received my master's certification in 2019.

In 2017 I invested in my own life coach and have had a coach ever since. I know the value of having a coach to help you manage this thing called "LIFE". We all have our ups and downs, and sometimes we just can't see all the cluttered thoughts in our brain that are causing us pain and grief. A coach helps pull that out of you so you can live a life on purpose. A peaceful life if you so choose.

That's where I can help you!

I have big dreams just like you

When I ask my heart what it is I want most in this life, it boils down to just a few things...

  • To always have the most amazing relationships with my kids and spouse
  • To own a home on a lake near the mountains, and have a little homestead with chickens, a garden, & maybe a couple of goats
  • To become certified through The Life Coach School
  • To one day get my children's books published!

Thats it. Nothing too extreme right?

I think it's important to always have hopes and dreams for your life. Without them, life becomes boring very quickly. There's nothing to work towards.

What are your big dreams?

Are you ready to share them with me?

Are you ready to make them a reality?

Over the years, I've developed a reputation for practicing what I preach.

Not just sometimes, but all the time...

I am a firm believer in "discipline = freedom". I follow a dude named Jocko Willink on Youtube, plus have all his books that I read to my children on a regular basis. These books teach self discipline in a way that kids can understand.

I practice this system for myself before I ever expect my kids to get on board. If I want them to eat clean, then I lead by example. If I want them to get off the electronics and exercise, then I better be doing the same. If I want them to have a high value system and practice spirituality, then you better bet that I show them how through my day to day actions.

This is how we live our highest and best life. The problem is, most people feel they lack the willpower and discipline to make it happen. But we all have it within.

Channel your "WHY" and you will find that doing the hard things is always THE BEST THINGS that bring BIG RESULTS...every time!

While I do wake up early every single morning (4:30am), and go to bed early (9:00pm), I don't expect my clients to do it just like me. But I do believe that planning on purpose brings about a healthy lifestyle. Don't worry, we still save room for spontaneity and flexibility.

If you build it, they will come...

I'm known as the "Snack Board Mom" around these parts. I believe that children need to see all sorts of fruits and veggies each and every day. They need to taste it, touch it, smell it, and hopefully love all of it. But most likely they wont. That's why I create healthy after school snack boards for my kids regularly. I serve it to them during the day where they are the most hungry (4:00pm). This board actually fills them up most nights so they don't want to eat dinner or need to eat dinner, which is fine by me.

It's a win win. They eat what's on the board, and it's food I want them to eat anyways.

If you can get in the habit of throwing together snack boards for your kids, they'll remember that forever and develop a healthy relationship with food.

Have you grabbed my FREE 7 page snack board PDF? It's full of beautiful pictures of my boards. So many options when it comes to feeding your kids healthy.

Why Kids & Families?

My love for building strong healthy families runs deep. With kids of my own and a now thriving marriage, I can tell you first hand, nothing, and I mean NOTHING is more important that healthy bodies and healthy relationships. Take those two things away, and it doesn't matter what you're left with in this life, you'll feel a void and can't enjoy any other part.

My heart skips a beat when I see kids eating vegetables and loving them. Knowing what I know about the body and how food can heal us, I know how important it truly is to teach the younger generation about real food.

While I coach a range of people, my niche and passion is coaching parents and children who struggle eating healthy foods. In the last 20 years there’s been a 400% increase in the rate of allergies, 300% increase in the rate of asthma, 400% increase in the rate of ADHD and a 1500% increase in the rate of autism. If parents could learn and implement a clean diet for their children, these numbers could go down drastically. Kids in this generation are predicted to die at a younger age than their parents. 1 out of 2 African-Americans will get diabetes. 1 in 3 Caucasians... And it’s because of what we feed them. 50% of us are predicted to get cancer! I don't like those odds. So I set out to fix this. Not everyone will want my help, but those who do will be richly blessed for it. I truly believe that.

It's all so confusing. Where should parents start?

Start by diving into my 3 part podcast series "How to win the battle with your picky eater." You'll get some great takeaways from these episodes that you can start to implement right away. When you're ready, come get coached.

Episode 1

How to win the battle with your picky eater. An introduction of what to do first when getting your kids to eat healthier.

Episode 2

We're diving in deep with more top tips to apply to your new healthy eating lifestyle.

Episode 3

I'm rounding out the series with my last tips to apply- let's create a plan for your family.


"Happy Healthy Parents Make Happy Healthy Children"