With Health Coach Heather

You're scared, anxious, worried. Me too. We're unsure of what's happening and what's to come. But even in uncertainty, having a clear calm mind is essential to your health and wellness. I have the perfect combo of life & health coaching to help you get through this time. I know the foods that will best support you and your lungs at this particular time. I know the life coaching model which can help you master your mind and remain calm. It's been a huge blessing to me at this time. I can help you too! I'm offering 50% off coaching sessions at this time when everything feels like chaos. Book your session today. 



Need a safe place to go where you can receive comfort and healing? I've got you! I want to help you in so many areas of your life. There is no reason for unnessesary suffering. 

mobile devices

1:1 Coaching Calls via Zoom or telephone

Technology makes it easy to connect without having to be there in person. I can coach you through anything going on in your life from the convenience of your home. 

Pen and paper

The Coaching Model

This simple brain hack has completely transformed my life and the way I look at everything. It will be your savior! 


Email Support & Motivation

A website is tailored to suit YOU. Build your website the way that best works for your understanding and skillset.

Fitness & Nutrition Coaching 

I want to help you be at your optimal weight so you can boost your immune system and kick the virus should you get it. 

Immune Boosting Supplements

Confused about vitamins and minerals? I know the exact ones you should be taking to help build your lungs up to kick the virus. 

Reduce your Stress Levels

Let me teach you how to incorporate self care in your day to day life, so when shiz hits the fan, you're prepared with a calm mind. 

“Heather is 100% committed to your success, she’s an amazing coach. I’m so glad I found her, she has changed my life..”

Brittany Hutchison - Hair Stylist

You Get to Choose How You Will Feel

You want to control your brain, but if feels impossible with the news and media. You're looking to friends and family to tell you how you should feel. Let me help you decide how you REALLY want to feel with the virus going on. 

You want to stay strong for others, but feel like you're falling apart 

It's normal. You're normal. Nothing is wrong with you. Your brain is working exactly as it was designed to. It just needs a bit of re-wiring if you will. This is where coaching can help. One conversation can give you peace of mind and a slew of ideas on how to move forward in a productive way. 

A Word From Your Coach

“I'm here to tell you the truth, and the truth is, I don't know if everything is going to be okay. I'm curious to see how this plays out. What I do know is the importance of staying healthy both mentally and physically at this time in your life. When you're eating healthy, you're building up your immunity. When you're taking care of your mental health, you're also building up your immunity and remaining calm in a state of crisis. Just like you, I hope this all goes away in a week or two, but chances are it'll get much worse. You need a coach to help you each and every week manage your brain around what is going on and help you reduce your stress levels. It will be the best investment of your entire life. I promise!”



Why put off your mental health? It's the most important thing you can focus on. Stop living in fear today. It doesn't matter what the people in your life are thinking and feeling. I can help you get to a place of peace even amidst living with panicked people!  

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While Virus is Active